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Bago Magic Performance Group

Towards December 2014

Commedia dell’ Arte program will lead to our next major production in December 2014. Commedia will enhance our creativity, improve physical theatre and life skills and spark imagination in our people and the wider community.

Our actors may wear masks and focus on movements, mine, dance and inflection of voice.

We will perform in many venues and finally at the Glasshouse.

Like all Bago Magic productions our Commedia performance will be original, borne of brainstorming, improvising and continual editing.

Material will come from our tutors, volunteers and our members as we will research Commedia and the many physical comedy characters who demonstrate their skills on the big screen and our TVs.

Look-out as we perform and please support and enjoy our unique journey.

Look-out there’s a mast

New Faces…..How about YOU?

As a performer……..We currently have spaces in our Friday workshop and will be introducing evening workshops in the near future.

Previous performance experience is not necessary, but you must have a Theatre and/or Arts interest, a willingness to commit to Bago Magic, work well with others and enjoy having fun.

As a volunteer……Helping with workshop, performance support, props and costumes.

Contact us………Phone Helen Payne on

6582 5183

Dates for your diary

AGM……The Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 25th October at Bourne House, Short Street, Port Macquarie commencing at 12.00pm.

CU at the PAR TEE…..Bago Magic has been proactive in organising the annual event for International Day of People with a Disability and for 2013 (our 12th as host) we will manage “C U at the Par Tee” in partnership with Port-Macquarie-Hastings council and Port Macquarie Golf Club.

We will be using the Seaview Room at the Golf Club and our celebration will be on …………………etc.etc

Our Tutors – Greta Warner

Greta Warner

Greta is Bago Magic’s Producer and has a strong belief and is dedicated to enhancing people skills and talents.

She has run a youth group for six years and has just started a new theatre program for People with Dementia. This is with Hastings District Respite Care and consists of 20 workshops and a community performance in March 2014 as part of seniors’ week.

Greta has performed in many shows over the last 35 years. She studied singing and theory in Newcastle for five years and is the singing teacher at the Academy of music in Port Macquarie.

She is a member of the Wauchope Arts Council and entertainment coordinator for the “Wauchope Lasiandra Festival”


Fridays……..We operate Friday day workshops at Bourne House (4 hours).

The morning sessions are led by our Director Consultant and Producer where we work-on our scenario and develop our script as it continues to evolve and change. We then move into rehearsing and practising mode. After lunch we work on another aspect of theatre (art, creating costumes, props, dance, etc.). Bago Magic always makes our own props and costumes. We try and use recycled materials and you will see examples of the artistic input into props and costumes in the Red Boar Riot-The movie.

Our afternoon workshops are led by our art coordinator and supported by volunteer workshop coordinators for costumes, dance and props.

Evening (which evening still to be determined)……..  Evening workshops are a new experience for Bago Magic and important in attracting new members who are unavailable on Fridays due to work and family commitments. This has been achieved with the support of Port Macquarie Golf Club.

Transport is always a problem and this has been solved as Port Macquarie Golf Club will use their 21 seater coach to pick-up our members and return them home after the workshop.

Costs……..  You will need to be a member of Bago Magic and the weekly workshop cost is $15 and you can attend both the Friday and evening workshop or just the one. Your choice.